Rest In Power

Kenneth "KJ" Lafranzo Rhodes II

Son, Uncle, Brother, Servant, Thought Leader, and Friend.

We are heartbroken to announce the passing of one of our team members, Kenneth Rhodes.

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Kenneth meant so much to so many. As the family is heartbroken by the loss of both KJ and his brother Jalen Davis-Rhodes, they have decided to set up The K.E.N. Fund, The King – Elaines’ Nobility Scholarship Fund to honor their life and legacy. The scholarship fund was set up by the Metro United Way of Louisville, whose President and CEO is his mother, Adria Johnson.

Please take a moment to support, share and donate.

"In moments like these, we feel hopeless and powerless, but all of our love and support are devoted to ensuring care for Adria and her family."

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Danielle Epps
KJ - it was a pleasure to be a part of your journey. Rest in heaven, King. Keni
Keni Winchester
Your light shines the brightest. Since the day we met, I knew that you were destined for greatness. And that is what you became, GREAT. To all who were around to witness, there is no denying your LIGHT. It continues to shine. Your LOVE for your family is what I admire most and your outlook on LIFE was full of wisdom. We talked about a lot - from love to leadership. When I saw you in Baltimore, you were so energized about the work and excited about what you were learning. You hugged me so tight. We were going to talk about taking the fellowship to the next level when we got back from the convening as you wanted to help more young Black men find their way to making a difference in their community. All this time, you thought we had changed your life with the Civic Engagement Fellowship. Actually, you were doing all the changing, we were just along to help guide and witness it all. We are forever changed by YOU, Kenneth. Rest in Power. You are LOVED. Beyond this life and into the next.
Ebony O'Rea
When life knocks us down, we're roll over, and look UP at the stars in your "Honor" KJ you're be there to brighten our path. Thank , you Lady Adria Johnson for (Family's) Journey . (Always Earline j Woodson/R&CS-Grateful).
Earline j woodson
Ken, You brought a job and light to every room you were in as Cities United engaged with local and national Your energy and contributions to the cause will be deeply missed. We will do you proud and carry on the legacy you helped to shape through this powerful work. Rest in Power,.
Jeff Edmondson
Kenneth, thank you for having thought provoking conversations with me, sharing laughter and inspiration. A true brother that I had the opportunity to learn a lot from. I can see the memories now, we would literally have aha-moments but be goofy at our own wisdom. HAHA! Testimonies would be given and thinking of the future . . . Lastly, I remember our time in the 15K Rise Together program. This was the first time I met you and I knew from our conversations that you were made for greatness. Your legacy will live on forever. My continued thoughts and prayers are with the family, community and our CU family.
Marcus Stubbs
Kenneth hired my team for janitorial services. He made me feel like family, very kind sweet and well mannered. He would text me often, just to let me know how well we were doing and making sure things were good on my end! He taught me to aim high literally the 1st day that I met him!!! Without a doubt this sweet soul is a very special angel now doing God's work. My condolences to his family 🙏🏼 he will truly be missed!
DeAundra Flemister
While I never had the honor of meeting Kenneth, it is so evident that his life was a source of light, love, and hope. His spirit will live on in the many lives he impacted. Sending so much love to his family. May God be your peace and strength💖🙏🏾 Rest in power, Kenneth.
Judy Touzin
I had the privilege of meeting Ken at the African American Mayor's Conference in April 2022. Although our conversation was brief, his passion and dedication left a mark on me. Rest in Power!
Mayor Tim Ragland
Your bright smile and bright light lit up my life. You will be missed tremendously. Truly blessed to have you as a brother and friend. You will never be forgotten.
Shania bennett
Man, Man, Man - this one is hard. Somehow I saw you both as a son and a Peer, someone to invest in and at the same time learn from. Every conversation we ever had started with a smile, a tight hug and maybe a slightly too loud greeting. Always aspirational, never down. Even in the middle of a struggle or a challenge - the conversation was always about coming out better on the other side. Anyone who feels like they cannot have major impact because they are just "regular people" can look to your example as to what "regular people" can do - except those of us who know you know you were so much more than "regular people." SALUTE!
Ben Johnson
Absent from the body, present with the Lord ❤️
Karen calbert
Ken... Meeting you was so bitter-sweet. Sweet because upon our 1st conversation when I first onboarded with CU this year manifested into an instant connection. Then during our in-person conversation we bonded more. I remember we ran into each other looking for a space to duck off into so we can reset our introverted Energies lol. During that conversation we talked about what brought you into this work, your vision for what's to come for our people, some of the challenges of navigating our own trauma, and things you like to do just to pass the time. I was just getting to know you. Our energies were aligning. Now I'm left with the BITTER, your transition. This hurts deeply. I feel like I was robbed of the opportunity to learn and grow with you. Every conversation we had was a build session full of vision and laughter. You always challenged people to dig deep and stay rooted and connected with themselves while doing this work. I'm sending my prayers and love to your family, close friends, and our CU family. You will be missed. Your impact will always be felt.
LaTonya "Abys" Denson
KUNG FU KENNY. I LOVE YOU BWOY. KING. DIVINE SOUL. I appreciate you sharing with me. I appreciate you honoring those who've given you alley-oops. I appreciate you standing alongside those who are marginalized in our society, even if it costed you. Last time we saw each other (at your office), I wanted to spend time rapping with you about you and Elijah's trip, but instead we had to spend all our time breaking up a fight :-/ ...I guess we all won't get in the studio on this side of Heaven, but Elijah and I gon carry yo spirit on whatever track we slide on. REST UP and continue to protect us all. You and TreyVon better still be organizing and mobilizing for us down here lol...we'll need it. Ase, Gye Nyame
Trinidad Jackson
Kenneth embodied brotherhood. Truly his brothers keeper. I appreciate you . Rest in power king
Emanuel “Boo”
It wasn't the words in the responses but the knowledge of knowing that there was a caring presence that shared a desire for completion...Rest my brother, we shall continue until completion of our earthly stay!!!
Charles Cheek
I miss you bro. Me and you are the only ones who completed The Thrive Fellowship all the way. I remember that interview we did and I told you they need to make a statue of you. I'm make sure they make that statue bro. Get your rest I will see u on the other side one day.
Doriyan Woodard
My condolences go out to the family. Rest in power King.
Paul Johnson
Ken, I will miss you, my friend. Thank you for sharing your gifts with this world. We were the lucky ones. As accountability partners, we talked about what we wanted to do next in the world. We were both planning to go back to school, even though we hadn't done much to make it happen. LOL. We agreed that the next time we checked in, we would talk about the programs we wanted to attend and why...we never got around to that. I'm regretting that now. You would always remind me to talk more about myself and to leave work behind sometimes. I said I heard you and that I would. I don't think I really heard you, though. But I do now. Thank you for your generosity, authenticity, and kind heart. I'll forever cherish the times we shared. Thank you. You will be missed. ~Q~
Quaniqua Carthan-Love
Rest in Power, Kenneth. Always solid, willing and ready to help wherever needed. Your spirit was always kind. We will miss you but always keep you with us.
Justin Reid
Remembering KJ

Kenneth will always be part of our family. We want to celebrate his life by recognizing his contributions and remembering him with love. Kenneth touched many people who worked with him, whether in his hometown, Louisville, KY, our team, or the Cities United Network. You could always feel his kindness, generosity, humility, and excitement for life. We all feel lucky to have had him as part of our team and in our lives.

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